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Get Funded

Receive financial support or in-kind contributions
The tool facilitates making financial donations, purchases and investments. Furthermore in-kind contributions can be collected and and the crowd can ask their questions to the pitcher easily.

Live Interaction

Generate real time interaction with your crowd by means of live crowdfunding
The tool operates on smartphones (or any other device with an internet browser) and can be used during an interactive event. Crowd input and questions are projected on one or multiple screens with the aim to show investment readiness and to answer raised questions.

Get Together

Expand your business network
Use of the tool provides realtime interaction among participants during the pitch. After the pitch, opportunity is given to network with interested minds and supporters within the crowd.

Pitch Events

InCrowdz enables entrepreneurs to acquire financial (and other) support during an interactive event. During a pitch, the crowd can, with the mere use of their smartphone: invest, share advice or ask questions. Crowd’s reactions can be projected on one or multiple screens. In this way, anyone can participate in realising your idea! Crowdfunding as a lifelike interaction in an inspiring environment.

Start Ups

InCrowdz’s services can make a start-up develop into a successful business. InCrowdz provides support to find the appropriate crowd to finance your project, offers coaching to set up an impressive pitch and is able to organise an interactive event in order to give you and your idea a stage to acquire the contributions that you need!

Sports Clubs

For sports clubs, InCrowdz offers a unique opportunity to raise funds or acquire other sorts of contributions. Is your football club in need of new sportswear, but at the same time dependent on members’ support? Members are able to use their smartphones to contribute, share advice or raise questions during the next team meeting. Members’ contributions and questions are projected on one or more screens during the meeting. In this way anyone can participate and contribute.

Crowdfunding Platforms

InCrowdz offers a unique opportunity to claim position within the rapidly changing financial landscape. InCrowdz’s services are supplementing current existing crowdfunding activities. Hence, a real possibility can be offered to financially support entrepreneurs by using a crowd.

Not in the list above?

Whether you work in a commercial or non-profit field, everyone is able to use our tool! Consider InCrowdz for realising your ideas or perhaps realising those of your own clients. Other ideas? We are happy to put our heads together! Please let us know what InCrowdz could do to support you in achieving your goals; contact us at…