The place to let good ideas grow

At InCrowdz we believe that a good idea needs a chance to develop into something real. This chance can be provided by using realtime crowdfunding during events. Our tool facilitates realtime crowdfunding through which the crowd can support start-ups and give entrepreneurs the chance they deserve.
All of this is done from our authentic office building in the heart of the city of Groningen.

The people who let good ideas grow

Jan Gerbrand Krol

Chief Crowdfund Officer

Driven by boosting entrepreneurship and innovation, excited to set up new business concepts, bringing (starting) entrepreneurs and specialist knowledge together, a dedicated customer-orientated perspective and focused on growth.

I have been active as an innovation consultant for more than seventeen years, guiding many entrepreneurs to grow their business. Because of my expertise, approachability, network, persuasiveness, creative and open attitude, I am able to easily create wide support. In addition, I’m co-owner of an enterprise that organizes innovative events.
Moreover, you can find me often on stage as chairman or host of an event.

T: +31651243355