Start your own live
crowdfunding event

Do you need help with developing your great idea into something real? Perhaps assistance with issues like funding, representation, practical advice or do you want to sell your product on the spot? InCrowdz can lend a hand! While you are pitching your idea on stage, we make sure that you can fund-raise right away by use of live crowdfunding. In addition, with our tool, you can answer your crowd’s questions on the spot. We are there to assist you to easily convey your idea to your crowd. In this way you acquire the means to develop your idea into a real success. Sounds cool, right!

Engage your audience

Together with you, InCrowdz can set up a small or big event. During this event you pitch your idea to your crowd, a group of people who take an interest in your idea. The crowd can support your pitch with a financial donation or an in-kind contribution. In addition, the crowd can raise questions by means of our tool.

Afterwards, pitchers receive a document stating who in the crowd want to support their idea. Furthermore they receive an overview of questions (and corresponding answers) that were raised during the event. Supporters receive an email with a view to formally authorise the contribution that they want to make.